is a must-have web service that can help you identify fraudulent online shopping websites. It was created due to the high number of fraudulent online shops present on Internet so with this service we aims to help and train users to spot scam websites to spend money on trusted and legit online shops. When you want to buy something online make sure to first submit the website on so you can find useful information about that website. This service is free to use for anyone.

This service provides to you all information you need to have a better idea regarding the safety and trustworthy of the submitted website. In particular, you can see if the website is detected by other security services, the reputation on WOT (Web of Trust), the domain creation date, if the website has an HTTPS secure connection (required for online shops), and the website popularity (estimated). All of that is useful to know if is a good idea to buy something form that website or if is better to search elsewere. Even if we report a website as safe, it doesn't mean it is 100% safe, make sure to check all details present in the report and make you own decision.

Scanning of sub-domains (e.g. is not supported.

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