Check if a Website is a Scam

Check if an online shopping site is fake or legit:


Identify Malicious Websites

Before buy something from a website you should always check the site reputation with this security tool. It creates a detailed website safety report that can help you identify scam and fraudulent websites, fake online shops and malware/phishing websites.

Spot Fake/Scam Online Shops

Thousands of fake online shops are created every day to steal your money or to sell counterfeit products, this tool helps you to identify fraudulent and fake online shops by checking the website reputation, domain creation, website popularity, and more.

Avoid Online Shopping Scams

Many users fall into online shopping scams and it is not always possible to get the money back or cancel the transaction. It is important to always analyze the website that ask you to enter your information or make a payment. Use this tool to find details about online shops.

Most Viewed Reports

Here you can find a list of most viewed and popular website reports: